“In Control’s Crash Prevention Training School provides a powerful learning experience in a controlled environment. Young drivers gain confidence and a better understanding of how cars handle in real-life situations. Parents can be assured that safe driving behaviors are reinforced throughout the course.”
— MADD Massachusetts
“The Crash Prevention Training course should be mandated as a necessary component of the Junior Operators licensing requirement.”
— Chief Jim Thomas, Weymouth, MA Police Department
“I firmly believe that every student driver will benefit from a hands-on course that shows them the physical limits of vehicle and operator in crash avoidance situations. All other drivers will benefit as well by becoming less likely to be part of novice driver crash data. Parents will know that they have taken advantage of every opportunity to prepare their child for the road ahead!”
— Captain Taylor Mills, Hingham, MA Police Department
Most of all, I liked the real life, hands-on driving experience that the course provided along with the classroom lessons. Gaining that first-hand knowledge was invaluable for myself and my teenage son. Being able to do a “panic stop” in a safe, closed-course environment was really helpful. Experiencing what it feels like to hit the brake when you are driving at full speed, understanding what the car should feel like and learning what to do in that situation will better prepare my son for his future driving experiences. I thought that the ratio of classroom time to in-car time was a perfect mix. Because of this format, teenagers/first time drivers and adults alike are able to understand and practice the skills that will keep them safe behind the wheel. Overall, my experience with the In Control program far exceeded both my expectations and those of my son. After the session, my son said, “This was AWESOME!!”
— Bob Sweeney, Director of Development, Boston Bruins Foundation
“I took In Control’s program with some of my students at Hingham High. This is one of the greatest public safety initiatives I’ve ever seen. The kids loved it, but more importantly, their driving skills increased exponentially.”
— Karen Beatty Health, Teacher & Curriculum Director, Hingham High School
“My 16-year-old daughter took a crash prevention training course with In Control Crash Prevention Training. It transformed her confidence and skill in handling a car, and gave her a very real sense of the risks drivers face. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.”
— William D. Wharton, Headmaster Commonwealth School, Boston
“Having seen the In Control’s program first hand with a group of Milton High kids, I am positively convinced that Crash Prevention Training is one of the greatest public safety initiatives to come along in a long while.”
— Chief Kevin Mearn, Milton, MA Police Department
“Teens face a myriad of health concerns, but accidents, particularly driving accidents, are the number one health risk to this population. Both the CDC and the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration have released statistics that demonstrated that there are more teen deaths from accidents than from all other areas combined. Concerted efforts in this area need to be addressed and the “IN CONTROL” program is the only one that I have seen that helps teens learn how to handle a vehicle safely in the most demanding and potentially dangerous driving situations.”
— Anne Fagan, Director of Physical Education and Health, Milton Public Schools
“We seek to produce veteran drivers - even before they are granted a license. In fact, the subcommittee also recommends that young driver’s should be encouraged to attend an advanced driver training course in lieu of some of the above requirements.

Advanced driver training is a course offered at several locations throughout the Commonwealth that teaches teenagers to become safety conscious drivers. These courses are taught by experienced drivers who instruct students on the proper methods of steering control, speed control, hazard perception and teach proper decision making techniques and risk-taking assessment.

Programs such as these provide valuable, life-long tools for young drivers and the subcommittee supports their use. Knowing that parents are frequently pre-occupied with other pursuits, the subcommittee feels that this provides sufficient means to train ones child without being forced to choose between another perhaps equally important task. “
— Massachusetts House of Representatives Safety Committee
“I highly recommend the In-Control Crash Prevention Training Course for first line police Supervisors and Officers. It provides participants the opportunity to actually put into practice controlled braking and turning movements in a safe environment. The ability for officers to feel how the vehicle reacts in extreme braking and turning maneuvers allows them to know the limits of the vehicle. In my opinion, this program provides a level of training that will greatly reduce accidents in patrol operations. Thanks again to you and the rest of your team for a very informative and worthwhile training experience.”
— Chief Brian Patullo, Andover, MA Police Department
“In Drivers Ed they showed us videos of cars doing these things and we all felt we could handle the situation if it happened to us, but sitting behind the wheel was completely different. You can feel the cars limitations if you take a curve too wide or go even two MPH too fast.”
— James Drew, 17, Student Hingham, MA